Cupcakes by the Dozen

Cupcakes by the Dozen

from 30.00

Choose from the following, or mix it up with one of each!

All flavors can be made to your specific dietary restrictions. 

Spring Bling - A bright Confetti Cake, with Whipped Vanilla Buttercream, topped and filled with all the Spring Sprinkles you could hope for!

Milk Chocolate- A Milk Chocolate Cake with a creamy Chocolate Ganache center, topped with Whipped Chocolate Buttercream. The ultimate chocoholic experience!

Lemon Lavender- Light and fluffy Lemon Cake is spiked with Lavender buds, filled with creamy lemon curd, topped with a Lemon Lavender Buttercream and dusted with Lavender infused sugar. 

Vanilla Bean- Madagascar Vanilla Beans infuse this Vanilla Cake, filled with creamy Vanilla Custard and topped with Vanilla Bean Whipped Buttercream.

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